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carre fond et flou pour peinture seule.p

Between you and me,

I sculpt and paint the space of my life to suit my desire and my curiosity. Materials, colors, oils, sands: all that the earth provides is perfect. It is like it calls for me, and I enjoy it. Why limit or restrict it?
Yes, from zebra and cheetah, to the bark of the tree and the zinc of the counter, to the smell of cut hay and the light of the lighthouse.
In the flow, I release my unity, my strength of being.
Every step on the way of life is an opportunity to discover, share and marvel. In the greatest respect, I am.

Painting is a necessary pleasure,
A simple matter of balance,
A search on the chords and the harmony,
A musical score on which the light vibrates and sings.

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My Philosophy

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Colette Lousberg

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