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Since her arrival in the USA (2010), Colette Lousberg is interested in the concept of resonance*, an essential element that causes her to create. She is intimately convinced that we are all related, that we live in a work of art (the Universe), and that the resonance allows us to highlight it.

She uses everything that inspires her, she drops the barriers, follows her heart, and it gives colorful and textured paintings, black and white drawings, recycled artwork ... and she has also a passion for writing.

As a member of various artists' organizations, she feels closest to the RedLine Milwaukee community of artists.

Her vision is to open a residence for international women artists in
the South of France.
« Make of our life a masterpiece! »

Colette Lousberg has participated in individual and collective exhibitions
in Belgium, France, Canada and Monaco.

* The resonance as I perceive it, is this echo within us that vibrates in and with the Universe, and that we return to the Universe through the emotions we live. – Colette Lousberg

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Colette Lousberg

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