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An Inspirational Interdisciplinary Artist

Colette Lousberg (3/6/60) shares her time of life and work between Europe and the USA.

From a Belgian family, it is in the province of Liege that her grandfather, a painter in his lost hours, transmits to her his passion for drawing and painting.
She grew up in working class community that saw her succeed and work in the fields of Civil Engineering and Public Works, then after in Automation and Robotics where her creative sense and technical skills brought her a true recognition.

After an identity crisis, Colette Lousberg decided to give herself the necessary pleasure, as she calls it, to deepen her artistic creation.

Trained at the Académie de Spa (1990), her graphic and pictorial researches led her to choose, at the beginning, drying oil as medium, and abstract art to make it vibrate. And this process of creation reveals its materialized unconscious, nothing is defined in advance.

Her work is to let people discover who she is - what her inner universe looks like, and encourage others to do the same. Travels and pluriculturalism in all its forms exalt her. She meets people of different cultures from hers and she finds this is transcendent*.

* "Transcending The World" - Eckhart Tolle

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Colette Lousberg

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